5 Star Rated Massage Therapy

5 Star Rated

Meet The Therapist

From Sports Injuries to Clinic Owner

Hi, I’m Robert! I’m the founder of Leading Edge Therapies.

Let me share a little background on how this clinic came to be and my journey as a Massage Therapist.
From county-level running to Tae Kwon-Do and military service, my passion for sports has spanned both time and continents. Upon moving to Scotland, I discovered the art of fencing with the Black Boar School of Fencing, joined Carnegie Harriers Running club, and began practising recurve archery with Beecraigs Archers. Life, as always, had other plans.
A serious car accident led to spine surgery and a long road to rehabilitation. Through massage, strength training, and chiropractic care, I slowly found my way back to doing the things I loved—never far behind my trusty black Labrador, Radar! I was lucky enough to be sponsored and an Ambassador for Salming UK

Fast forward to today- after working in different clinics , and finding that I was able to provide my own, stand alone service, I decided to open my own clinic.

As well as being exciting, it’s also hugely rewarding to be able to give expert massage therapy and support an individuals road to recovery.

When not working my past time is rowing and archery

I have always worked in clinical settings alongside talented chiropractors and physiotherapists, where simply providing 'Back, Neck and Shoulders' doesn't do it for most people, so this led me to concentrate on the clinical side of what massage can do, where I practice COMT – Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, learning from the best—Dr Joe Muscolino DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) in the USA and James Waslaski, head of the USA Sydney 2000 Olympic Therapy team.

I have managed to be able to help Ultra runners fulfill their goals and remain injury free and provided treatments for top athletes at events such as The Great Glen Ultra and West Highland Way race. As well the running side of my clinic, I see everyone from Muay Thai and boxers, to people who just want their back pain to stop!

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