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Expert Massage Therapy for Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica pain relief

Clinical Massage – an expert direction in Massage therapy! As we move out of Winter, with the lighter mornings and longer evenings, many people will start to increase their activity levels after the colder, darker days of Winter.

This is the time when the aches and pains and niggles of being more sedentary in Winter start to show themselves. Have you noticed more stiffness after sitting or when waking up and taking those first steps? Does it seem a bit more of an effort when playing with the children or continually carry a baby around the house? Are you needing back pain relief or sciatica pain relief?

Rather than relying on pain killers, that simply mask the pain, Massage therapy by Robert, has been shown to be highly effective, for sports injuries, joint pain, sciatica relief, back pain and pelvis/hip pain.

As a Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience within clinical settings, providing a ‘Back, neck, Shoulder’ massage just doesn’t address the needs of most people. Using Clinical Manual Therapy techniques – involving where necessary, mobilisation and gentle manipulation, to help align the body to it’s optimum function.

So often, where pain is felt, isn’t where the problem actually occurs and long standing injuries can easily create compensatory patterns affecting other areas. Have you ever had an injury and then as that heels, the opposite side starts to hurt?

back pain
back and neck pain are often linked

Like a service for your car, make ‘YOU’ a priority and take time to address those aches and pains. Using massage therapy with us ensures you get to the root of the problem and gets you back to enjoying the things you love the most – whether that’s gardening, golf or going for a daily walk.

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